Posted September 30, 2018 09:08:03 Some of Australia’s most popular counselling courses are now offering suicide prevention courses.

Key points:The courses, known as cbt counselling courses, are offered in more than 80 locations across AustraliaThere are about 400 cbt courses offered in AustraliaCBT courses are offered to counsell people who are suicidal and are also offered as a way to help them cope with their emotions.

In Queensland, for example, there are about 40 courses.

The Queensland Government is encouraging counsellors to participate in the courses, which have been available since 2017.

The courses are designed to help people to understand the signs of suicidal thoughts and behaviours, and to provide advice on how to manage them.

“If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or suicidal behaviours, these courses are the first step in helping you to understand what is going on, and help you to recognise what is causing it,” Queensland Department of Mental Health and Development said.

“This is an important part of a counsellor’s role and we know it helps to have people talking to people about these issues, not just the symptoms.”

One of the courses offered, called cbt mental health and suicidal risk reduction, has been in Queensland since 2017, and has been offered in the state since 2018.

“We have seen the number of people accessing these courses, it’s a lot of people,” Queensland Counselling Centre director, Michelle Anderson, said.”[The courses] are being introduced to other states as well, which is great news for Queensland.”

The courses have been offered for several years, but have been introduced in the last few months.

“The Queensland Department is working closely with our partner mental health clinics across the state to make sure they are fully trained to offer the courses in their areas,” Queensland Minister for Mental Health, Dr Ian Anderson, told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“Our hope is that as these courses become available, we will be able to offer them in the future to our residents and residents of other states.”

The Queensland government has also set up a Suicide Prevention Helpline in Brisbane.

The counsellorship course in Brisbane is run by the Brisbane-based CrisisLine and is part of the counselloring program in Queensland.

The national counsellord is also offering a suicide prevention course, known locally as Suicide Prevention: The First Steps.

More information on the Queensland Counsellors Association’s website.

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