The National Association of Therapeutic Decision-Making (NATSM) has issued a new guide for Australians looking to enrol in Advanced CPT.

The guide provides an overview of the new standards, including some of the most important changes for patients.

Here’s what you need to know about it: What’s new?

The new ACE courses have been developed by NATSM’s National Cognitive Behaviors and Emotion (NCBE) Training Network (NCBEN).

NCBEN is the primary educational provider for NATSMs Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ACBT).

They are now accredited by the Australian College of Clinical Psychology (ACCP).

This means that they can access more than 100,000 students across the country, including over 150,000 in WA.

ACBS and NATS MLCs can access this new training, but it is not available to NATS patients.

ACBEN’s NCBENS course was designed to help NATSMH patients with the assessment and management of anxiety and fear in the workplace, and is now taught at more than 150 schools and community organisations across Australia.

For students with anxiety, it can help them to understand how to recognise and manage their own symptoms, and to identify the triggers for their anxiety and anxiety symptoms.

For patients with fear, it provides insight into how to manage anxiety and to recognise how it is contributing to their anxiety symptoms and the underlying issues that cause them to feel anxious.

The new course also addresses issues that are common to many people with anxiety disorders: The need to be aware of the emotional impact of stressful events.

The need for a safe and supportive environment.

The ability to manage negative emotions.

How to assess your own symptoms and recognise them in others.

How anxiety and other mental health issues are associated with anxiety and how to treat them.

How coping strategies work and how they can be applied in the context of the work environment.

For the most part, NATSMT students will learn how to: recognise and recognise triggers.

Recognise when your own fears are being triggered.

Recognize the underlying cause of anxiety.

Develop effective coping strategies for managing these fears.

Identify and recognise your anxiety and the triggers.

The course also includes strategies for working with your employer to help you develop and manage your workplace.

NATS MHPs will also learn about their own issues and how their own personal experiences contribute to their own anxiety, depression and other disorders.

Topics covered include: How to recognise triggers to anxiety and depression, how to identify and manage triggers, how people with depression and anxiety respond to stressful events, how these processes work together, the roles of different mental health professionals and what interventions are available.

NatsMHPs are also learning how to communicate effectively with their employer.

The training will cover topics such as how to express feelings and how anxiety is perceived by others, how they respond to their employer’s attempts to help them manage anxiety, and how employers can improve their workplace culture and policies to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing for everyone.

For more information about the course, please visit the NATSMBH website.

For NATSMA and NatsMHC students, the course is available online at

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