With more than 20 million sessions in existence, Sats has helped millions of people in the past year.

The program, which is now the most popular in the US, helps people develop a better understanding of mental health, and helps people with depression and anxiety.

Now, Vice News is breaking down the steps that should be taken to get started with Sats, including how to use the program and how to plan your next session.


Make sure you have the right insurance.

Sats is a covered service under the Affordable Care Act.

To get started, you’ll need to be insured, or you can pay a $10 annual fee.

You also can’t sign up for a trial.


Know your insurance rules.

If you have to pay for the program, you’re not covered.

This means that you’ll have to make sure you follow the rules before enrolling.

The rules also include a list of requirements.


Get a referral from someone who can help you.

You’ll need a doctor or therapist to get you started.

Your referral person should be someone who’s familiar with your health issues and can offer you a referral if necessary.


Get your insurance to pay the fee.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s worth paying for a service that can help people with mental health problems.

The first time you get a Sats referral, you may be charged $10.

It’s usually the last time you pay for it, but you’ll still have to agree to a set of rules, including not sharing your email address or phone number.


Take your referral form to the Sats website.

Once you’ve signed up, you can get a free copy of the Sates guide and a copy of your prescription from your doctor.

This will also help you know how much you’re being charged.


Prepare your schedule.

You can’t start a new Sats session at the same time every day.

The guide recommends that you start one session every two days, and that you do this on a regular basis.

Your schedule will be based on your goals, which can include feeling better about yourself or your feelings.

You should also set aside an hour to sit down with a therapist to talk about your feelings and what to do next.


Keep your doctor informed.

You’re supposed to contact your doctor once every three months.

You don’t need to wait that long to get your appointment.


Plan your next appointment.

Satellites, phones, and computers can be a challenge for some people.

To make the most of Sats therapy, it’s best to schedule an appointment before your next visit.

You need to keep your doctor’s appointment open until your next scheduled appointment, or else you’ll likely miss out on the session.

To plan your Sats sessions, you should check out Sats.org to learn more about how to start your Sates program.


Know what’s covered.

You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for your insurance plan.

You do this by signing up for coverage under your insurance, or by checking with your insurance agent.


Follow the guidelines.

If the program is being used as a treatment option for depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, you must follow the guidelines for a therapist.

If Sats helps people who are suffering from other mental health conditions, like alcohol and drug addiction, or if you have a mental health disorder, like schizophrenia, you need to follow the instructions for a certified mental health professional.

You may also want to check out the SATS FAQs to learn about the process of starting your SATS program.

For more on mental health services, see VICE News’ article on how to get help with depression.

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