Dunedin is the latest city to offer a postnatal support course, and it comes amid a national trend of offering postnatal services in all major cities.

The Dunedin postnatal service, which began in the 1990s, is currently being offered in every city in New Zealand and in a handful of other countries including Australia, Singapore and South Korea.

“This is a great way for us to support our community and also get people in touch with services,” said Dunedin City Councillor Mary Higgins, who started working with the program.

“It’s really exciting to see how much support people are getting.”

The program has been in place since 2015 and it’s now in its sixth year, Higgins said.

A few of the courses offered include:Postnatal Education and Support (PES), which offers counselling for the postnatal period from a range of topics, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and the role of the brain in the process of recovery.

Postnatal Psychology (PPA), which provides postnatal and postnatal family support to parents and their children, as well as information on postnatal care and health, parenting and child development, as part of PEP, a group for families of all ages.

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Postnatal Education & Support (PCES) provides post-natal support and information to parents about pregnancy and childbirth.

Counselling, Child Development & Development (CCDD), which deals with issues including emotional and behavioural issues in children and young people, including how to manage their behaviour and coping skills.

Post-natal Support Services (PSAS), which includes information on parenting and parenting skills, including what to do when the baby is sick and how to handle situations such as being unable to eat or drink or go to the toilet.

In the Dunedin area, the program is being offered at the City Centre Community Centre.

Counselling Counselling & Health Care (CC&CHC) offers counselling to families in Dunedin and across New Zealand.

Postnatal Care & Support & Training (PCTS), which focuses on providing postnatal training to families and their young children.

“This is an excellent way to provide support for parents who are working through their postnatal journey,” said Higgins.

“There’s a lot of information around the post-partum period, it’s important to have people talking to parents so they can find out what they need.”

Higgins said she had had positive experiences with PEP and CCDD.

“I have found it to be quite helpful for parents to know what’s going on in their own lives, as opposed to just being able to rely on their family to tell them what to think or feel.”

It’s quite a useful way of being able as a parent to give advice on how to cope and what to expect.

“Counselling and family counsellor, Julie Hoey, who worked with Higgins on the program, said the program helped families with postnatal anxiety.

She said that while some parents may feel they are on the “front-line” of their postpartum journey, there was a lot more information available to them.”

Hollings said that she found the program quite useful.””

And it’s something that can be useful for anyone who is looking for support during their time of transition.”

Hollings said that she found the program quite useful.

“I find it really helpful to get information from my colleagues and family about the best resources that are available to people who are going through a postparturition period, and especially to help with those things that I don’t know quite as much about,” she said.

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