How to Get a Job in Tech, with Advice from a Former Employer is a new podcast for TechCrunch subscribers and is dedicated to helping tech workers find jobs that match their skills and interests.

The podcast has been produced by Adam Lai and Adam C. Scott, two former employees of Apple.

They’ve also written a book, entitled How to Succeed in the Digital Age: The Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Company.

The show has been hosted by Lai, Scott, and Matt Jones, the podcast host of a popular podcast called The Future is Now, which has also been producing episodes for the past year.

In the episode, the trio discuss how to get through an interview, how to navigate social media, and the benefits of becoming a mentor to other tech workers.

Listen below to hear Adam Lae and Adam Scott’s advice for finding a job as a tech worker:”Start with the big picture: how much do you know about technology, how well do you understand it, what do you want to learn about?

Do you have the technical skills to understand what it is you’re going to do with it?

Do the people you’re talking to understand you?

Do they care?

Do your coworkers?

And finally, do you feel like you have a job you’re really passionate about?”

Lai and Scott also outline their own career path that started out in academia and ended up working in tech.

Listen to their advice for the podcast below.

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