The Norwich University Credit Counseling Courses are a new option to help those with financial challenges.

They are designed to assist those in need by giving them the confidence to take control of their finances, according to the university.

The courses are designed for people who are struggling to cope with the loss of a job, the loss and inability to pay bills, as well as the costs of health care and other expenses.

The aim is to help people who may be struggling with finances, but they may not be able to take responsibility for themselves, the university said in a statement.

“The Norwich Credit Counselors are a way of getting those people to take charge of their own finances, in order to reduce the stress of their financial problems,” the university added.

Students who complete the courses can receive a $50 credit towards their college tuition fee.

There are a range of courses offered at Norwich, but the university’s course in financial responsibility is most popular.

Students can enrol for three months, which will see them complete a credit counselling course which will give them the skills needed to help themselves and their loved ones deal with their finances.

The Norwich course will help students find out about their personal finances, which includes identifying their finances and how they can reduce or manage their debt.

The university also offers an online course to help students with their personal finance and financial management.

The course costs $10 a month for the three months and includes online sessions, video-based presentations, self-help books and a virtual self-assessment.

Students are also offered financial advice and support from a counsellor, who can help them identify their financial issues and help them get the money they need to pay their bills.

There is no cost for the Norwich Credit Counselling course.

Students can also enrol for the University of London’s online Credit Counselor programme which costs $35 a month.

Students enrolled in the Norwich course may also find the course on the Norwich University website.

For those who are looking for more information about the Norwich university’s Credit Counselings courses, the school said it is offering the following resources to help with the course:The Norwich University has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support the costs incurred for the courses, which are set to open in October.

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