According to NCS, there are currently 589 accredited nursing programs, including two of the most respected in the country.

In 2017, nursing students completed 6,500 supervised clinical and technical nursing programs (SCTPs), and 2,750 supervised educational programs (TESPs).

The remaining 4,000 SCTPs are considered to be under-accredited, meaning that they were not accredited by NCS in 2017.

It was estimated that nearly one-third of nursing students are not even eligible to receive full-time nursing employment, as they do not have an associate degree, an undergraduate degree, or an advanced degree.

These numbers are a stark contrast to the percentage of nursing workers in the U.S. who are in full- and part-time work, and yet are earning more than $100,000 annually.

While the National Center for Nursing Research and the Institute of Medicine are currently conducting research to identify how to improve the nursing workforce, the issue of under- accreditation is not new.

In 2011, the National Association of Colleges of Nursing released a report titled “A Case of Accreditation: The Continuing Challenge of Underaccreditation,” which noted that there are several factors that can prevent a nursing program from meeting NCS’ standards.

According to the report, NCS does not publish a list of programs it considers accredited, so programs that fall below this threshold can be barred from receiving federal financial assistance.

The report also noted that accreditation requires a certain level of student satisfaction.

However, many nursing programs are struggling to maintain this level of recognition.

One of the biggest barriers to maintaining this level is that students do not receive adequate support to prepare for nursing jobs and careers.

This is especially problematic for nursing programs in underserved communities, where few students can afford to pay tuition, or lack the resources to pay for additional education.

However as we discussed in an earlier article, some nursing programs have made significant progress in their efforts to overcome these barriers.

According the NCS Nursing Careers Survey, over three-quarters of nursing programs nationwide, including nursing programs at public and private colleges, have increased their nurse-to-student ratios to 20-25% since 2015.

These ratios were also seen in some private nursing programs and in communities that have low-income populations.

In many of these communities, the nurse- to-student ratio has increased from less than 5:1 in 2015 to almost 30:1.

According To The American College of Nursing, over two-thirds of nursing graduates have earned a bachelor’s degree and the majority have a master’s degree.


NCS has identified the following nursing programs that have made great strides to meet their NCS accreditation requirements: Auburn University – AUB has a highly rated nursing program and a strong reputation. 

University of Southern California – UCSF has a strong and respected nursing program, which has been consistently ranked among the top ten accredited programs. 

CUNY – Cuny is the largest nursing community in the United States and it is also a great program for the nursing population in New York City. 

College of William and Mary – The College of William & Mary is a great place to work with great students, a fantastic facility, and a very welcoming community. 

Edwards University -Edwards is a highly regarded program that has been recognized for its excellent academic quality and the quality of its students. 

Northwestern University -Northwestern has been named a Top 10 Accredited Program by NNSIC. 

UConn Health -UConn’s programs have received great attention and recognition for the quality and diversity of its nursing faculty. 

Drexel University -Drexes’ programs are recognized for their excellent programs and the commitment to supporting students in nursing and their families. 

Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine -The University of Pennsylvania has been awarded Accreditation from NCS for a number of years, and Penn has a large and active student population. 

St. Elizabeths Hospital and Clinics -St.

Elizabeths has had outstanding results in improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the nursing program for over 20 years. 

The American College for Nursing -The College for Nurses and Allied Health is the only accredited nursing program in the state of Washington. 

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in Nursing Education – This program is accredited by NCIS as a Registered Nursing Education Program. 

Accredited Accredited Nursing Program: The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Inc. NCES-accreditation rating: AA-N-ACS: NA

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