A new Australian Government program is helping people find their way through the system after losing their job.

The Federal Government has rolled out a new online support service called “Crisis and Support”, which will provide assistance with all aspects of job loss and help people find jobs in other states and territories.

The online service is available in more than 60 Australian states and the ACT, with more than 500 people having access to the service since it was rolled out in January.

Key points:Crisis centres in Australia provide support for people with job lossThe program has been rolled out for people to access on-demand help from a range of agencies and organisationsThe service offers people access to support in the form of job training, career advice and job placement optionsCommunity Support Services (CSS) will be the provider of the service, which has been developed by the Australian Government’s Community Services Minister Paul Fletcher and has been piloted in the state of Queensland.

Mr Fletcher said the program was a first in Australia and the Australian people should be able to access help.

“I think it’s an excellent first step to getting more Australians into the job market and helping them get a job,” Mr Fletcher said.

“If you can do it for them, you can’t do it without the people that are supporting you.”

We’re not going to get a lot of Australians into work, but the people who are looking for work, we can help them find a job and that will be a big boost to our economy.

“The program will offer job placement advice and career advice, as well as assistance in finding and finding work.”

It will give people the confidence to apply for jobs,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.”[It] will allow people to find out what skills they need to be successful in a job, so they can apply for that and be successful.

“Mr Fletcher also said the Australian Labor Party and the Greens would work together to improve the service.”

There are a lot more services in the community, particularly on-line, that will help people, and they need help in order to do that,” he said.


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