When you come across someone in crisis, it’s important to recognize that they’re dealing with an issue that’s unique to them.

They may be struggling with mental illness, substance abuse or alcohol, and they’re trying to get back on their feet.

It’s also important to help them understand how you can help them with their symptoms.

You can find out how to help in our free counselling courses for young people and young adults.

These classes are offered by Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Support Group, Crisis Line, Counselling Services and Crisis Hotline.

Alcoholics Aid, a national organisation of alcoholics, is a national charity that helps young people in need.

They also offer a free counselling service for adults.

If you’re not sure whether you can offer a counselling course, speak to someone from Alcoholics Action Australia.

For more information about alcoholics help, click here.

What to expect from a crisis counselling session What to do during a crisis intervention session: A crisis intervention is an intensive two-week program that can help you to: identify your own problem and identify the right course of action for you What you can expect during a session: the person you’re working with will talk about their own issues with alcohol and how they’re coping with the issue What to tell the person who’s working with you: they’re going through a personal crisis and want to talk about it in a safe way and how you might help them What to ask the person at the beginning of a session, during the session and after: what can they tell me?

Who is the person working with?

What are they going through?

How can I help?

What you should expect: you’ll be asked about your own experiences with alcohol, your relationship status, your history of substance abuse and your past problems with alcohol or other drugs.

You’ll also be asked to talk through what you can do to help yourself, your partner and your friends, and you’ll also get advice on what your own problems are and how to get help if you need it.

During a crisis response, the counsellor will also be present to talk to you about your drinking, your behaviour and your thoughts about drinking and drinking with others.

These sessions can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

They’re offered by alcoholics support groups, Crisis Hotlines, Alcoholism Services Australia and Alcoholics Australia.

Alcoholic Services Australia is a member of the Alcoholics Australian Network and the national organisation for those with an alcohol problem.

They offer counselling and referral services for people with analcohol problem.

You may find they can offer help with your drinking problem at their alcohol and drug support groups and services.

Alcoholism Support Groups and services are available in many cities around Australia and can be found by calling the National Alcohol and Drug Hotline on 1800 737 732.

Counselling services are also available at Alcoholics Care and Recovery Centres (ACRC) and Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health Services (AAMHS) Centres.

Crisis line: Call 1800 737 800 (24 hour crisis line) or 1800 737 801 (24-hour emergency service) or go to www.aamhs.gov.au/crisis or www.acrc.gov:www.acra.govt.nz/craig If you or someone you know needs alcohol or drug support: Talk to someone who is also a counsellress, counsellors or an addiction specialist, who can talk you through what needs to be done and what your options are.

What you’ll need to remember during your crisis intervention: What you’ve said to the counselover or counsellreselled person will help you in the future, but it may also help the counselling person.

For example, you might have told the counserseller that you’re tired of drinking, you’re struggling to get through a job or you need help with the pain of your addiction.

They can help guide you through this process, to help you get to where you need to be.

What’s the counseling person going to do with it?

This will depend on how much help you need and what you want to do.

They’ll be able to give you some advice about how to take action to help your recovery, and help you plan your next steps.

They will also help you understand the consequences of drinking and how it might affect your health, behaviour or relationships.

What your counselloress will tell you: What they’re thinking about drinking?

What they’ll say to you: This person will be helping you think about drinking, and their thoughts will be about what they think might be the most effective way of helping you.

This person may also give you advice about what you should do.

What they want to say: They might want to share some of their personal experiences, or talk about something that’s been on their mind recently.

You might want them to help talk you out of

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