More than a million people worldwide have sought mental health services since the pandemic began, and many of them have been unable to access them due to a lack of resources.

Now, a new online course aims to fill that gap, and students in the UK can take part for free.

A team of counsellors will take part in the program, which has already been successfully rolled out in the US, where about 10,000 students have enrolled.

The course aims “to help you navigate the process of finding help with depression and anxiety,” it said.

It will cover everything from getting help for a panic attack, to finding a therapist to talk about your feelings, and even how to get yourself in touch with someone who is available. 

“This is something that most people can get by by themselves, but for some people it is impossible,” the counsellor said.

“It is not an option that many people can afford to go without, so we hope that this online course will make finding help and support easier for people who may be struggling.”‘

We need more support’The courses will be open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 who has struggled with depression or anxiety and is interested in taking part.

The counselloress said they were hoping to see many students taking part in this course by the end of the year.

“This course is a very exciting opportunity to have people who are at a vulnerable time of their lives, and that’s what we’re really interested in, is to get people to talk to someone who they feel is able to help them,” she said.

The project was developed by the University of Western Sydney, which is a partner of the Sydney Centre for Mental Health and Addiction and is one of the largest mental health centres in the country.

The school will be running a series of online courses for the next six months to help students find support and help with their depression.

It has been in operation since 2016, but has only recently seen a rise in the number of students who are seeking help.

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