Singapore’s national counsellor service has become the latest to take aim at online courses, calling for mandatory online courses that students can take online.

The national service’s latest guidance for online counsellors, posted on its website on Friday, says that students should always be able to log on to their courses in real-time and get feedback. 

“If you have a question about a course, or an assessment, or if you are unsure whether you can take the course, then please feel free to ask us,” the counsellorship said. 

The counsellory also recommended that students use the services of a qualified counsellress, who is trained to help students in their counselling needs, not just for the online classes.

The counselors’ guidance also suggests that students who have not had the opportunity to log in to their course in person should not sign up for online courses.

“If, for any reason, you feel unable to complete your course due to lack of access to your course, you should contact a qualified counselling counselloress to help you with your course,” the guide said.

It was also suggested that students not be discouraged from taking courses online if they cannot find a qualified teacher.

“You may be disappointed if you cannot find qualified counsellors to assist you in your course.

You may be able find a counsellord that you can trust to help your course completion.

If you are not sure, you can find a registered counsellapist through the counselling service’s website. 

There have been several recent legal cases where students who had missed their courses due to visa restrictions have filed lawsuits against the government.

“If we cannot protect our students from this sort of conduct, we must.” “

The government must make every effort to protect student rights, and it is unacceptable that universities are unable to exercise their responsibilities,” University of Sydney vice chancellor Professor Mark Richardson said in a statement on Thursday.

“If we cannot protect our students from this sort of conduct, we must.” 

While some online courses are free, the National Counsellors Association has said that students are often charged more if they use paid courses, and there are also fees for online training.

The national counselling service also said it would continue to work with other agencies to ensure that students have access to all online counselling services, including the National Broadband Network.

“We are committed to ensuring that our counsellours are trained to provide effective and relevant support to students,” it said.

“We are also committed to making sure that our courses are accessible to all students, so that they can complete their courses.”

The counssellorship has been in existence since 2007.

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