A new wave of people from New Zealand have arrived in Portmouth, Connecticut, to find themselves among the city’s most wanted.

For a year, New Zealand’s police force has been on the lookout for New Zealanders who may be a flight risk, and for those who might be willing to take on an American accent, but have not yet made their way to Portsmouth.

“We’re not trying to make them look bad, we’re just looking for people who might not be as good-looking or as intelligent as they think they are,” said Portmouth police Lt.

Chris Haines.

“We’re really looking for a few different things.”

New Zealand has the highest rate of New Zealander murder in the world, according to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

But the New Zealand government recently launched a new program to identify people who have “re-entered New Zealand” since they left the country in the early 1990s, according a press release.

“The New Zealand population of New Yorkers and Canadians, who have been here for many years, have become an ever-growing and increasingly diverse part of Portmouth,” said Lt.


“New Zealanders are a very visible part of the community, but also they are a part of our everyday life.”

Our police department and the community want to see more of them.

They want to know if there are New Zealand citizens out there, and if they have any criminal convictions.

They’re looking for the people who are not here, but who are out and about and may pose a threat.

“The Portmouth Police Department has about 100 officers from New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and Hainess said that the department is planning to bring more of its officers from these states to Portsworth to help with the “counseling” work.

The department is also expanding its outreach efforts.

The new outreach program will begin in January, and the department plans to host a series of outreach events to see how the community is responding to the program.

The New York Police Department also launched a pilot program in New York City this week to provide support to those in need.

The department will host a number of events, including a public health education session, a youth health awareness workshop, and a youth crime prevention workshop.

Haines said the goal is to build a network of New York’s police departments in Portsmoun, and then bring in other law enforcement agencies to Portmoun to help “connect” people in Portmouth to other New Zealand police officers.”

For more information about Portmouth and the Portmouth region, visit the city website, the Portmmouth Police Facebook page, or call (800) 468-2262.”

And also just to try and get as many police officers as possible out to our community.”

For more information about Portmouth and the Portmouth region, visit the city website, the Portmmouth Police Facebook page, or call (800) 468-2262.

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