The Conservative Party of Canada has become an unmitigated embarrassment.

The party’s woes began with its decision to embrace a fringe candidate in the riding of Scarborough-Rouge River that had a history of racism and xenophobia.

Now, the party is trying to make amends with its supporters by hiring a new national director who has no experience in political campaigning.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s party lost a federal election to the Liberals by six percentage points in 2015.

He has said that his party has learned from its mistakes.

But now, the Conservative Party is struggling to make up ground after the party’s national director resigned after his campaign was accused of using offensive language.

The resignations of the national director and several local candidates were made public Friday in an email to supporters.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheers resignation letter The resignation letter to supporters outlines a number of issues that the party must address.

The most significant is the party should be more visible, more accountable, more inclusive, and more effective at reaching out to new voters and voters in the province, which voted for the Liberals in the last federal election.

Scheer also wants to reform the way the party does business, like it has done in the past, and is considering bringing in a new chair to oversee the campaign operations.

“While the leadership team has made strides, we must be more ambitious and ambitious to deliver a stronger, more effective and more accountable Conservative Party,” the letter reads.

Scheers office has responded to questions about the resignations.

The letter says that the campaign has received $3 million from the party to help finance the election campaign.

It says that all the party leadership candidates have been endorsed by the party.

It also says that more than 60 per cent of the party members are registered as registered voters.

Scheier says he has already spoken to the party chair to assure her that the leadership campaign is transparent and that there is a good team of people.

“Our leadership team, who are well-respected in their own right, know what it takes to run a strong and successful campaign,” Scheer said in a statement.

The leadership race has also faced a number internal tensions.

Scheyer said last week that the two candidates in the race were both former senior leaders who should have been leading the party but were not.

A month later, the Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, made comments about the race that appeared to back up the criticism of Scheer and Trudeau.

Trudeau said in an interview that Scheer is not qualified to lead the party because he has been a senior politician for 20 years.

The Liberals also had some internal disagreements over their leader, who is now in the middle of a leadership race.

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives have struggled to make headway in the final months of the campaign and the Liberal party is hoping that the next provincial election will be a turning point for the party as it struggles to find a new leader.

It is unclear what Scheer plans to do with his leadership position.

The Conservative party is also trying to repair its image with voters and the public.

The Tories have been plagued with allegations of sexism, homophobia and xenophobic remarks and the party has been criticised for being too soft on crime and the environment.

Scheered has said he will not accept any excuses.

“We need to be more transparent, we need to stand up for our values and our values need to trump any political affiliation or ideology,” Scheers campaign manager Dan Kelly told CBC News on Friday.

Kelly said that Scheers election would not be a coronavirus disaster.

“He’s going to be able to run his campaign without any baggage,” Kelly said.

Kelly did say that Schears election would have a major impact on the future of the Conservative party.

“It’s going in the direction of the more inclusive and more inclusive party, which is the more appealing brand to a lot of people in Canada.”

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