The Australian teen who went from a toddler to a teenager is now the victim of bullying and anxiety.

Key points:She is currently in the care of her mother in Australia and her school in the United StatesShe says the bullying is part of a wider issue of mental health stigmaThe teen, who goes by the name ‘Jane’, has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and says she is happy to be “just a normal, normal kid”.

Jane says she went from being the youngest in her class to a teen in a year and was often bullied.

“I’m a very good student and I think it’s something I’m just born with,” she said.

“It’s something that I can’t change.”

Jane said she has been bullied at school, by people who call her names, and by classmates.

“People tell me I look like a freak,” she told

“They’ll make comments about my hair, my eye color, I’m tall.”

And they think that I’m a freak because I have Aspergers.

“Jane has been in the process of transitioning from a young girl to a young adult for a number of years, but she said she was only aware of the bullying when she was 13.”

As a kid, I thought it was just normal, like you go to school, go to the same school and you’re doing the same things, but it wasn’t that way,” she added.”

My first impression of bullying was when I was 10 or 11 years old, when I would have been told I was a freak, I was called a freak.

“Even though I’m not an autistic person, I do think that some people have a tendency to use that as an excuse for bullying.”

There’s also a tendency for people to just try to find some reason to hurt you.

“For example, ‘Well, you’re a freak’, ‘You’re just a kid’ …

That’s just a way of saying ‘You don’t belong here’.”

Jane said it was not until she started school aged 12 that she started to think about bullying.

She said she did not feel comfortable around other people, and did not talk to her peers.

“We didn’t go to class together, and we weren’t in any kind of group,” she explained.

“So I didn’t have the same social support that other kids did.”

Because I wasn’t in a school environment, it was very difficult for me to be accepted, I wasn, like, ‘What am I supposed to do, why am I not getting a good grade?’

“Jane said there was no place in school for her to be seen as different, which she says affected her confidence.”

What I thought was that it’s not important to be different.

And I was really confused because it wasn-it wasn’t something that people would say, it wasn, ‘Why don’t you get in a group?’

“So it was really like, why are we different?”

Jane said her anxiety was a result of being “transitioning” from a child to an adult.

“That’s why I think people get so mad, because you transition, you are transitioning, and you feel like, oh, I am different,” she noted.

“You feel like you are different.

You feel like it’s wrong to be afraid of what people might say.”

Jane also said she felt like the bullying had been the main reason she was bullied in school.

“When you’re the youngest, you don’t know anything about people, you just sort of go on and on and you do your thing, and when you’re really young you don, you do it and you think, ‘Oh, I can do that,'” she said, referring to the bullying that she said occurred on the playground.

“Then you see other people doing it, and it’s really scary.”

Jane told news to ABC TV in the U.S. that she had been bullied as a child and has had to face a range of bullying forms, including “bullying by strangers” and “bullies who are not your friends”.

“They do not know you.

They just look at you as a freak or a freakish, and if they think you’re going to be bullied, they’re going too far,” she lamented.”

Every day it’s a reminder to me that it is still not okay to be who I am.”

Being bullied is not OK.

It’s not normal.

“Jane is currently enrolled at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and has enrolled in counselling courses at her school.

She is looking forward to becoming an adult and starting a new life.”

Right now, I think I’m happy,” she stated.”

Like I said before, I just feel like I’m on the spectrum.

“A lot of people think that autism is a disorder that can’t be cured, but

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