Adelaide’s ACT student service will be launching an online community counselling course this week, to help students find support in their areas.

The ACT Student Support Network (ASN) is also set to roll out a community support group called ACT Online for students to connect with other ACT students and help them find their way through life, and is working on a new online course for ACTC students, which is being described as “a community based service to help people find support”.

“We are hoping that the course will help people to understand that they have a role in the ACT community and that they need to find that support,” said ASN managing director Susanne Pusztai.

“It’s also a really important part of their academic education, and it can be really useful in terms of finding a job.”

Students in the network will be able to access resources including online support groups and support groups in their area, as well as ACTC’s ACTC website.

“Students in our network are being able to come and get the support they need in the community and have their issues dealt with,” Ms Puszztai said.

“That can be something that is really important for people who feel isolated or struggling in the area.”

Ms Puszi said the course would not be a substitute for the ACTC counselling services offered in the Adelaide community, and would be an addition to those services.

“This course is a much more tailored and tailored program, where the support will be for the individual students rather than the whole community,” she said.

The online course will be available for a limited period of time, with no charge to students.

Students can access the course from their computer or mobile devices.

“If students are interested in this, we have got some resources that will be coming out, and we have also got some online resources,” Ms Szymborska said.

“We will be providing some of the online support services to students.”

Ms Szyborska has been a community counsellor for nearly 20 years, and said the online course would be the first of many online courses in the future.

“I think it will be a very good first step for students who may be looking for more information,” she added.

The aim of the course is to provide a more accessible and engaging experience for students, Ms Szykowska said, but would also try to increase the amount of information that students are able to find through the course.

“The more information that is available, the better,” she told the ABC.

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