The Disney movie “Frozen” has been dubbed a ‘fresh’ title, with an all-new cast.

The news came in a trailer for the film, which opens on January 14, in which Kristoff, Anna and Olaf are all dressed in new clothing.

But it is not all fresh, as the trailer also shows the characters wearing the same clothes as the rest of the cast.

The trailer also showed Elsa and Anna, who were seen in the first teaser trailer, sporting new hairstyles and wearing their signature hooded sweatshirts.

They are all wearing their traditional blue gowns, but are now wearing their new white ones.

They are also wearing new dresses, and the new costumes look a lot more feminine, with the characters dressing up more femininely.

It is also revealed that the film’s main cast includes the voice of Kristen Bell, who has voiced Elsa and the princess in previous Disney films, including “Fantastic Four”.

The trailer showed Anna, dressed in a white dress with a white bodice, and Kristoff in a blue robe with a blue bodice.

Kristoff also voiced Elsa in the previous “Fancy Bear” film, “Frodo and Friends”.

Anna is now wearing a white gown with a black skirt, which has also been changed.

Kristoff and Oladro both wear white pants and a white shirt with red and blue lettering on it.

Elsa’s dress is also now black, but is now a white blouse and red and black gloves.

Kristen Bell is now voicing Elsa in “Frost/Nixon”.

Kristen is also seen wearing a black blouse, white pants, a white scarf and red shoes.

Olaf has also gone a step further, wearing a blue dress with black shoes.

Olaf and Anna also sport new hair styles, and they now look like the characters in “The Snow Queen” from Disney’s “Fantsy Bear”.

Kristoff, who played Kristoff from the “Festival of Fantasy Parade” film franchise, is now playing Olaf from “Finnish Summer”.

Kristofer Hivju is now portraying Anna in “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

“Frozen”, which stars Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell and is directed by Chris Buck, is about the coronation of King Elsa and his coronation in a snow-covered kingdom, in what is now the fictional kingdom of Arendelle.

The film is written by Jeff Pinkner, who wrote the first “Fairy Tales” book series, and is based on the popular “Fic” series by Terry Pratchett.

It has been released in Canada, and has a UK release date of March 4, 2019.

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