By James McKeownThe Associated PressAssociated PressAssociated APThe psychologist and author of the best-selling book “How To Stop Bully Behavior” says bullying in therapy can be a real problem.

James McKeever says the more you practice, the less likely you are to have a healthy relationship with the person you are with.

He has seen how many people are able to overcome bullying by getting a therapist to intervene when they are hurt or distressed, without having to confront their emotions.

McKeever has studied the ways people cope with bullying and has published several books about it.

He says one of the reasons therapy can help is that you can learn to deal with emotions by practicing what you preach.

He also says the way you handle your anger is what will determine how well you deal with your emotions in therapy.

Mckeever, who lives in California, is also the author of two books about helping people overcome addiction and a best-seller on helping people heal from cancer.

He said he believes the biggest problem with bullying is the lack of compassion.

“There is so much emotion that comes with it, that it’s just so much to handle,” McKeiver said.

McKeiver says when a bully attacks you, he does not need to respond with violence.

He says when he was bullied, he didn’t think about it as a threat.

He knew what it was.

When someone attacks you and you’re angry and you feel helpless, he says, you will be stronger and your anger will go away.

He also says that bullying can be avoided by being compassionate and accepting of your feelings.

He recommends that people be aware that the bullying will not stop until you accept that they are hurting you.

He adds that if you’re bullied and don’t accept it, you may need to go through a long recovery process.

“I think the more that we can learn, the better we can do it,” McKever said.

McKever believes the more empathy and compassion you have for someone, the easier it is for you to see what’s going on.

He encourages people to listen to what they are saying.

“If you listen to them and you see the anger coming out, that will help,” Mckeever said of his work with bullying.

“The more empathy you have with someone, and the more compassion you show them, the more they will respect you.”

McKever said people who have been bullied need to get the help they need to overcome their feelings and get out of their comfort zone.

He suggests they talk to a counselor to learn how to cope.

“You need to find ways to work with your own anger to get out and talk to someone who is more qualified than you to help you heal,” McLeod said.

“The most important thing is that we learn to be more accepting of the way that we feel.”

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