Posted October 19, 2018 06:22:37Students from the University of Western Australia will be able to choose from two courses that focus on the effects of PTSD on school and work life: a two-week course on “The Benefits of Psychotherapy” and a “Collaborative Learning for School Leaders” course.

Both are aimed at helping students cope with their symptoms and can be accessed by any student from the university.

The courses will also provide information about the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Council of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

“Our research indicates that the stress and anxiety of being traumatised can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, which can be difficult to overcome, but can also be very beneficial for individuals to have positive mental health,” said Dr Michael McNeill, associate professor in the School of Social Work at the university, in a statement.

“These courses will offer students the tools to navigate through the complexities of the experience of PTSD and develop coping strategies for the challenging changes of life they may encounter.”

The National Council for the Social & Behavioral Sciences (NCSBS) said it had recently been notified of the courses by the university and had been invited to take part in them.

“The NCSBS was involved in a pilot project in which students enrolled in two of the online courses were given a list of support resources that they could use to help them cope with the stress of living with a traumatic event,” it said.

“This included support for self-care, group therapy and psychotherapy.”

The courses will start in September.

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A student will be given the task of teaching a group of students how to recognise the signs of panic disorder.

A study published in the journal Stress Management Research showed that participants in the mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBRS) experienced more positive emotions when they faced a real-life threat.

“In the past two years, a number of studies have found that people with anxiety and panic disorder who have taken MBRS also experience less negative affective and physiological responses to the stressors they experience in everyday life,” said one of the study’s authors, Dr Mark Darnell, from the Department of Psychology at RMIT University.

“So we wanted to investigate whether mindfulness-related cognitive therapies could reduce the stress response in people with panic disorder.”

The study was funded by the Australian Psychological Society, the Royal Society of Australia and the Australian Medical Association.

The course will start on Friday and will last for three days.

The University of Tasmania’s Department of Sociology is also preparing a study on the effect of mindfulness meditation on the stress responses of people with schizophrenia.

Topics :depression,behavioural-health,,psychiatric-disorders—schizophrenia,mental_health,psychosocial-behavioral_disorders ,schizophrenic,psychotic-disorder,tas,melbourne-3000,vicSource: Wired

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