A group in Melbourne’s inner west is to be recognised with a series of trauma counselling courses.

More than 40 trauma counselling courses are being launched in the capital’s CBD over the next two weeks, to be offered to people who are struggling with a traumatic event, including alcohol and drug abuse.

The new courses will be designed for people who have been through a traumatic incident in the past, as well as people who haven’t been through the traumatic event.

“This is an opportunity for people to get trained in trauma counselling, get trained on how to get help and support, to get the support they need to get through this,” Dr Rachel Gorman, one of the directors of the program, said.

“There are plenty of services that will do these things, but there are few people who actually do these training courses.”

The courses will take place in the inner city, on the CBD’s east side, and at several community centres.

The program is being organised by the trauma centres of St Lucia, St John’s, Kew, Waverley, North Bend, Westfield and North Ryde.

“The aim of the trauma counselling program is to create a network of resources that will help people to find the support that they need in order to deal with the stress and trauma of a traumatic experience,” Dr Gorman said.

Dr Gorman says the trauma services in the city are not always the same as the ones in the suburbs, where the trauma of alcohol and drugs often gets in the way.

“It is really hard for people in the CBD to find services for alcohol and/or drugs and they don’t want to be in a place where they are in a dangerous place where there are drugs in the house, there are people who abuse drugs,” she said.

Dr Gummors trauma counselling training is designed to help people navigate the trauma that can happen in their own life.

She said the courses will give people the skills to deal more effectively with the issues that can arise in their daily lives, and help them better cope with stress.

“We want people to be able to cope and to move on, and not feel like they are going through a roller coaster, that they’re stuck in the situation they are currently in,” she told 7.30.

The first trauma counselling course will take a group of 30 students in Melbourne on October 25, while the second course is scheduled to take a dozen students in January.

More courses are planned for Victoria and Western Australia.

Dr James Kelly, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, said there were still areas of the country that were not coping with the level of trauma experienced by people in Australia.

“In the inner cities, there’s a significant number of people who struggle to access alcohol, so we know that alcohol-related disorders are increasing and that is affecting people’s health,” he said.

For those people, he said there was a need for better trauma counselling services.

“But we need to understand that there are still those people who don’t know how to access a crisis intervention team, for example, they don to access the services that are available in the community, or they don for alcohol, or drugs,” Dr Kelly said.

The University of New South Wales, where Dr Kelly is a senior lecturer, is planning to offer a course for people with substance abuse problems in the summer of 2018.

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