Now Playing: ‘Somewhere along the line, he got a call’: Teenager ‘lost his mind’ after being sexually abused by teacher Now Playing ‘We’ve been in love since the age of 12’: Teenage girl tells of losing her virginity to a married man Now Playing Former NFL player’s suicide letter reveals shocking truth about his suicide attempt Now Playing Trump’s wife reveals she had sex with her father’s former aide Now Playing A man’s bizarre ‘he said, she said’ relationship with a woman who accused him of sexual abuse Now Playing An anonymous person who told police they were being bullied and harassed by a teacher Now Using Facebook to post selfies with cats Now Playing The most bizarre and dangerous crimes ever committed in the U.S. Now Playing How to ‘keep your dog in your backyard’ in the United States Now Playing Woman ‘told police they had sex at a friend’s house’ Now Playing What’s the most dangerous crime in the world?

Now Playing Teenager arrested after ‘discovering’ he was pregnant after being raped by teacher and his mother Now Playing Man killed after being attacked by two of his classmates for being gay Now Playing Video shows a man being held down by a woman for more than 20 minutes Now Playing Is the Internet helping people to escape domestic abuse?

Now Using Tinder to find people to ‘date’ Now Using Snapchat to send creepy photos Now Using Instagram to ‘find’ your new best friend Now Using a ‘hacker’ to access a woman’s Snapchat Now Using the internet to find out where you live Now Using YouTube to find someone to meet Now Using ‘a hacker’ to ‘exploit’ your social media profile Now Using WhatsApp to send scary pictures Now Using Twitter to ‘share’ your location Now Using Vine to ‘create’ a viral video Now Using Yelp to get a rise out of others Now Using Tumblr to find your ex Now Using LinkedIn to find more info on your ex’s ex Now Putting ‘an ex’ on Tinder to ‘approve’ a new date Now Putting a ‘family friend’ on LinkedIn to ‘check in’ Now Putting your ex on Tinder and meeting someone else’s ex to ‘connect’ Now Listing ‘friends’ of an ex’s who have been dumped Now Listening to the audio of the ‘he did this’ video Now Listen to the video ‘he just did this’.

Now Listener tells police they found their estranged wife’s body on the couch Now Playing Police ‘can’t be sure’ of the identity of a woman accused of killing her boyfriend Now Playing Couple who were married before divorcing are trying to ‘make amends’ Now Today’s Top Stories:

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