The mindfulness courses are designed to help adults understand their own minds better and how to manage them better, the head of the Centre for Applied Mindfulness, Amit Agarwal, has said.

“The curriculum is based on the Buddhist philosophy of concentration, and meditation is the central point of meditation,” he said.

“If you concentrate your mind on the breath and observe its rhythm, you’ll understand your thoughts better,” he added.

The classes have been offered in India since 2009.

In fact, the government has launched a national programme of the courses.

In a statement, Mr Agarwall said they were designed to teach the core principles of meditation.

“They can help you to understand your own mind better and to understand the nature of your own suffering,” he told NDTV.

He added: “The mindfulness course is not about the mind, it’s about the body, and we believe that you should be able to feel the body.”

Agarwal, who runs the Centre on Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, said the course is based around mindfulness meditation techniques.

“If you understand the principles of the meditation, you will find it easier to live a life of mindfulness,” he explained.

“It’s not about meditation.

It’s about understanding the body and how the mind is structured,” he continued.

The course is taught by a group of people who share common experience of the body.

“It’s all about having a good sense of smell, touch and hearing,” Mr Agars said.

Mr Agarwals said he has received many positive feedback from the students.

“Many people have said they found the mindfulness course helpful and it made a difference in their lives,” he wrote.

“Many people feel better and feel more connected with their bodies,” he also said.

The Centre for Advanced Research on the Mindfulness (CARTM) has received more than 4,000 applications for the course and the government will consider every one of them, Mr Goyal told NDtv.

“We have an initial enrolment of 100 people, and are now planning to add 200 more.”

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