The nhs has launched a range of courses aimed at managing stress related to financial issues, which will be delivered in partnership with NHS London.

The courses are designed to help patients manage their stress and anxiety, according to a spokesperson.

The courses will be available from April through November.

They include the following:• Nuffield and Newington College of Psychiatrists (Nuffield College of Psychiatry)• Noughts and Crossings College of Psychologists and Psychotherapists• Royal College of Surgeons of Scotland• Royal Society of Surgeon (RCSS)• NHS London • NHS England• NPS Health and NHS Careers• NHS Health Services• National Mental Health Institute (NHS NI)• Royal Free University of London• Royal Cornwall Hospital• The NHS Psychology and Psychotherapy Centre• Royal Berkshire Hospital• Royal Hampshire Hospital• NHS Trusts NHS and Clinical Psychology Services• NHS Medical School• NHS Primary Care • Royal College for Psychotherapy• The Centre for Research in Mental Health (CRMH)• The University of Bath (UK)• University College London (UK).

Nuffire and New England College of Psychiatric Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Work (NEPPS) will be offering counselling sessions for students aged from 16 to 64, and students aged 16 to 49, according the NHS.

Students will receive up to six sessions, which include information on managing your stress, coping with anxiety, and identifying how to manage stress.

“We hope these courses help people to understand the benefits of getting help for their stress, and how to reduce their stress in the future,” said Dr Anne Wilson, senior lecturer in the psychology department at Nuffire College of Mental Health.

The course aims to be a “gold standard” for how to understand your mental health issues, Dr Wilson added.

“They’ll be a bit of a bit more in depth than other courses in terms of how you work out how your emotions and thoughts can be managed, and then the things you need to do to manage them.”

Students will be offered free access to the courses on the Nuffires website and through NEPPS’ online counselling platform, which allows students to access confidential support for their mental health.

Nuffires course will also be available through a pay-as-you-go model for students, where students pay for the courses through the NHP, NHS, Royal Free or the NHS Foundation Trust.

The programme is being launched as part of the NHS’s Mental Health Strategy and will run until 2021.

It will also include online courses, where patients will be able to access up to eight sessions per week.

The NHS said that the courses would be delivered to all NHS premises.

“Our courses will help people get the help they need and support them to understand what their options are for coping with their stress,” said Sarah Stokes, Chief Executive, NHS England.

“These courses will make a real difference to people’s wellbeing, and help people understand the best way to manage their own stress, which could help them manage their anxiety or depression better.”

The courses are not available in all locations across the country, but will be made available across the NHS, according a spokesperson for the NHS.

Dr Wilson said that students could use the courses to find out about what they need to learn in order to manage or manage their mental wellbeing.

“I think that is a really important aspect of any mental health service,” she said.

“You want to make sure that if you have a concern or you feel that your anxiety is too high or that your depression is too low, that you’re not just going to sit there and say, ‘I’m not going to get help from anybody’.”

We believe that students will benefit from access to our mental health resources, and we’re pleased that the NPS has agreed to take part in this programme as part, so that they can make the most of the support they get from the NHS.”

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