By David Hulshofen | 05/15/2017 02:45:38Switzerland’s Genetic Counsellors Get A Boost The Swiss government is trying to convince parents to use genetic counselling, as the country continues to struggle with the country’s ageing population.

The country’s government says that the government will offer genetic counselling to parents in the future, and that the programme will start soon.

The move comes after a report released in December said that the number of people aged 50-69 in Switzerland has risen by 11.5 per cent since 2010, and is set to continue rising.

This figure is expected to continue to rise, as more people reach that age, and as they are forced to make financial sacrifices.

The new programme will provide genetic counselling for children, aged up to six years old, in order to help them overcome mental health problems.

The programme will offer support to parents, and help them identify which genetic problems are associated with certain diseases.

The counsellor will also help parents to cope with the social stress of living in a country with a growing population.

Swiss government officials say that the new counselling will be rolled out in the next year, and will be available to families with children in the new year.

The government also plans to offer genetic counseling to the elderly in order “to provide support for them when they are older.”

The counselor will be trained by a genetic counseller who has been working in the field of genetics for the past 20 years, who will also be paid a salary.

The genetic counselors’ jobs will include counselling families, and helping them with their financial and health problems, according to a statement from the government.

Genetic counsellers’ jobs include counselling parents, helping families cope with financial and mental health issues, and finding genetic causes of common mental disorders.

It will also include working with families with genetic problems, including genetic disorders like Down syndrome.

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