I’ve been involved in a counsellor training course that’s helping young people cope with mental health problems for about 10 years.

This is the first of its kind in the country and it’s led to a lot of young people coming in to the course, especially boys.

The first class we did was with five boys and it went for a total of seven hours.

And it was quite challenging, because we were teaching about depression and anxiety, and they were dealing with a lot more mental health issues than we were.

But when you’re dealing with kids, it’s really important that you do what’s best for them.

It’s also important that they’re able to relate to you as a person and as a counseau, so that they can relate to their feelings as well.

So they can learn to talk to you about the things that they have in their lives.

And I thought it was important that the kids were able to be themselves and feel confident that they were not going to be blamed for anything that they might do.

The second course we did with a group of 12 kids, they were in their teens and we had to explain to them that the biggest thing they needed to do is to be aware of what is happening in their minds, and to not be too worried about it.

And this was really important because as soon as they were taught about the symptoms of depression, it really helped them to be able to cope with it.

So I think it’s important for them to feel that they are not going crazy, because when they start to do that, they can then cope better and better with it and they can find that balance.

It can be really hard when you have to talk about it in a way that doesn’t make them feel anxious, because that’s what happens with kids.

But the important thing is that they learn to relate and they learn not to panic or not to worry about it, and that’s really crucial.

You need to teach them to have a good attitude about it and to be accepting of what’s going on in their life, and how they feel about it because that can be the best way to manage it.

What you can do to help kids cope with depression and mental health Issues around depression can affect a whole range of young lives.

If you’re having trouble talking to someone, you may find that you don’t want to talk anymore, because you’re struggling with your emotions, and then you have the symptoms, so you need to talk with someone.

You don’t have to be a therapist, but I think you should have a professional therapist who can give you some insight and help you get better, so there’s nothing you can’t talk to.

And if you feel depressed and feel like there’s no one to talk, there’s really no way to get better.

And you can see that there’s a need for help from other young people, because it can be very hard to understand why somebody feels like they’re suffering and they’re not getting better, and it can really affect their mental health.

And so that’s why I think the key is to teach young people that there is a place for them in this world, and there’s not much you can really do to change them.

There’s a lot you can teach them, but it’s not going the way they want to learn it.

But you have got to teach it the right way.

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