A week after he first told his family he had a panic attack, Justin Trudeau’s family was left stunned and devastated by the news.

Trudeau was in Toronto for the first time in over a month and had just returned from the United Kingdom.

They’d been looking forward to welcoming him back after being told by the Prime Minister that he had suffered a severe bout of bronchitis and was having trouble breathing.

The family members said the Prime Minster told them that he would be getting help from the Canadian Centre for Mental Health.

“It’s really hard for people to believe,” Trudeau’s sister, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, told reporters at the time.

Trudeau, who was also the minister of international trade, had been a leading voice in the country’s bid to get its first cannabis-derived medication approved in Canada.

Trudeau had also recently made a deal with the Canadian government to create a new medical cannabis clinic in the capital of Ottawa.

But on Wednesday, his family members say, Trudeau was so rattled that he began crying uncontrollably, saying he had to stop.

He was later rushed to hospital, but was not taken to a hospital immediately.

Trudeau’s father, Pierre, said he believed his son was having a panicattack.

Trudeau told his mother he was “shaking, crying, feeling terrible,” his brother, Joe, told The Canadian Press on Thursday.

“He was not talking like he was having fun,” Joe Trudeau said.

“I just think that he was in some kind of a crisis.

She was very emotional, very upset.” “

My mother was really shaken.

She was very emotional, very upset.”

Trudeau was rushed to a Toronto hospital and later returned to Ottawa.

He has not been seen since.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that a number of family members and friends of Trudeau were shocked by the extent of the emotional distress he was suffering.

“People don’t understand that we have a Prime Minister who is a very strong, principled person and I think that that’s why he has been able to survive a panic,” said Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father.

“We can’t have a prime minister that’s in crisis.”

Trudeau, 36, is a renowned athlete and a political icon.

He’s known for his strong leadership style and for his outspoken support of the LGBTQ community.

The elder Trudeau, a lawyer, was in the prime minister’s office in the summer of 2017 when the Trudeau government was elected.

His son was a senior official in the office and was in charge of a number the ministries, including health and science.

He later became a deputy minister in the Prime Ministers Office.

Pierre Trudeau has said his son’s health is now stable and his health care plan is working.

“The situation is now very good and he’s not having any further symptoms,” he told The Globe and Mail last year.

“As of today he is fully recovered.”

He also told the newspaper that his son has “a very strong support system and is looking forward in his future.”

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement Thursday afternoon saying Trudeau was “recovering well.”

“Mr. Trudeau has been undergoing medical tests to check his overall health status and he is currently receiving appropriate support and treatment,” the statement said.

The Prime Ministers office said Trudeau will be available for further questions at the G20 Summit in Hamburg next week.

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