Victoria has announced it will open a new mental health facility that will be staffed by the same team who operated the first one in Sydney in 2013.

It will be run by a company called Mindfulness Health, which has been working to improve mental health care in the country.

Mindfulness will also be providing counselling to people in crisis in Victoria’s inner west.

In a statement, the Victoria government said the new facility will be located in Sydney’s Southbank precinct.

It said it will “provide services to people with mental health issues.”

The announcement came just days after Premier Daniel Andrews signed off on the controversial expansion of the state’s new emergency crisis line.

On Monday, the premier announced the government would spend $100 million over the next five years to build two new centres.

The first centre will open in late 2019.

The second will open later this year.

Victoria will now also have a third centre for people in serious mental illness, but not yet opened.

It is also building a new emergency mental health crisis centre in Melbourne, which will open next year.

Mental health minister Fiona Nash has said the decision to open the centres was made on the basis of the need to provide services to those in crisis, and to ensure that people with chronic mental illness are not isolated.

The Victorian government said it wanted to make sure that people had access to mental health services in the event of an emergency, but said it would not make decisions on who will get the services based on their health.

“Our priority is to ensure people with severe mental illness and their families are able to access the care and support they need, without discrimination,” Ms Nash said.

“We are confident that we can provide the level of care that we believe is right for those with serious mental health conditions.”

The Mental Health Council of Victoria says it is worried about the future of the emergency crisis service in Victoria.

It says it was created by the government to provide help for people with an urgent need for help, but says it has been under-utilised.

“The fact that we have been given a licence to operate an emergency mental hospital is a disaster for the vulnerable in the state and for people living in crisis,” MHC chief executive Paul Kelly said.

The crisis line will remain open, and the Victoria Government has said it is working with the MHC to expand it.

The MHC has called for an independent review of the decision.

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