What do you expect when visiting your church? 

What you’ll find when you visit your church:  The spiritual counselor who will help you learn about your faith. 

The person who is there to share your story and to make sure that you have a clear picture of who you are. 

What your pastor will say and what they will do during the visit. 

How long they expect to be there and when you will be able to see them. 

You will not be allowed to talk to your pastor for an extended period of time and you will not see your pastor again for an indefinite period of time. 

Where you will go and how long you will stay in your home will depend on your conversion to the church. 

Do you need to change your attitude towards the Church? 

Are you looking to convert to Christianity? 

Do your parents have an issue with you? 

If so, are they ready to talk? 

Is your parent still in contact with you or have you been counseled? 

How will you respond if you re in your home for an unexpected week? 

The questions above are questions that are common in the church and you should be able to answer them without any problems. 

As your convert becomes more religiously converted, he or she will become a spiritually different person. 

This is a process that can take years and you can never know when that change will happen. 

Some people are very confident that they will be finally accommodated with their new religion and they are optimistic about the future. 

Others are disappointed that they still feel convinced that their religious belief is wrong. 

I want to give you my thoughts on how you can help your convert make a change by supporting their faith and encouraging them to converting more so. 

When I first talked to my mother about my converts I was confused. 

 I thought I wanted to help her convert to another religion or change my beliefs. 

But as I talked to her about my new religion, I realised that there wasnt much I could do about it. She felt uncomfortable about being different to me. 

It seemed impossible for her to change her beliefs without my help. 

So she told me that she felt like I had failed in support. My mother was very happy and totally concerned about me.

She didn’t want to leave me alone and said that I should stay with her. 

However as I tried to convince her, I realised that there was no one else that would help me. 

Her family didn not want her to leave them and I had no place to go. 

In fact she wasn’t saying anything about her religious views in order to help me and make me feel better. Now here is there a reason for my mother to not give me support because she doesn’t believe that it is necessary. 

If youre in your own relationship with your parents and youre fond of their support, you should encourage them so that you and they can make it easier for them. 

A new family relationship can bring new things to your family and it can help your relate to them.So to be supportive and to support your new family relations, follow these steps: Find a person that is interested in you. 

Make a list of your favourite people and someone you would like to meet to discuss your believing and how you feel. 

Talk about your interest with them and ask them if they would be interested in you. 

Find a relay that will meet up with you and have someone  who will listen to you in

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