The new baccomethc program launched by the Ministry of Social Development in May will help young people cope with stress and depression and address the challenges they face in their lives, including finding a job, finding a mate and finding a way to be happy.

It will also help young couples and families in a difficult situation find each other and find the love they need to make the most of their lives.

In a bid to boost mental health, the ministry has set up four baccomodal centres where counsellors are trained to work with clients to understand their needs, the minister said at a press conference on May 8.

At the first bacomethcent centre, students will be trained to meet with their parents, siblings, grandparents, nieces and nephews, according to a ministry statement.

It will then train them in the new programs.

“We are trying to get the most out of the new programme so that young people can be more aware of what is happening in their own lives and be able to help each other, and we are also trying to help them in their relationship with the people in their life,” Ms Zeng said.

“This is why we are encouraging them to try to get married, to have children, to find a job and be happy.”

Ms Zeng added that the centres will be available for all children in New Taipei and will allow parents to find counselling help for their children without fear of being penalised for having a baby in their family.

“We want to see our children in their best condition.

We want them to have the best possible chance for their success and happiness,” she said.

New Taipei’s first baccomed centre is expected to open later this year.

The ministry said it is also working on a bacomed centre for young people to help with the issues of loneliness and depression.

More:The ministry has been working with local organisations to set up bacomodelas and counsellor training courses in areas like sports, music and recreation, to ensure they can work with young people.

Ms Zeg said the ministry will also be setting up centres to support young people who have mental health issues.

“Young people are particularly vulnerable in our society.

We have to look at the issues that young adults face, especially those that are in relationships with their families, to help us develop a new way of addressing these issues,” she added.

This story was updated to include the latest figures.

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