The University of Canberra has launched a new counselling program aimed at increasing its access to accredited counselling, which it said would help people with mental health issues.

The program, which will be available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University of Adelaide, is one of several new initiatives the university is undertaking to expand its counselling services, according to the University’s student union.

“The University of Sydney is working on a national model that has a wide range of services that support people with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety and addiction,” said David Johnson, the president of the Student Union of the University, in a statement.

“This new program will be an opportunity for students and staff to learn about our current approach and develop a new model for the future.”

The university said it was working with local providers and mental health providers to ensure that the new program was affordable.

“In a world where the cost of accessing mental health services is increasing exponentially, the University is working with other providers to deliver a low-cost, affordable service that will increase access to mental health care for students, staff and the community,” the statement said.

“Through this initiative, the university will continue to increase the access to the best clinical services to support students and their families.”

The program will cost $250 a week and will be offered in all of the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

“Our counselling program is focused on increasing access to a wide array of services and improving outcomes,” said Johnson.

The university is already offering a counsellor program, and the program will now expand to the undergraduate and Graduate programs, as well as the postgraduate programs.

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