By Lauren Sullivan”I’ve never felt more helpless,” said Kristina, whose mother died of cancer at age 52.

“I’m so angry at myself.

My whole world is so full of negativity and I feel like I’m doing the opposite.”

Kristina was one of three young women who died at the hands of a drunken driver during a three-day binge in a suburban Atlanta nightclub on July 6, 2016.

The driver, 24-year-old Aaron Allen, is facing manslaughter charges.

Kristina had been drinking with friends at the club when she got into the car with Allen and a friend.

She drove into a wall and was taken to the hospital.

She told friends she was worried about her parents and was trying to get a prescription for a blood pressure medication.

When Kristina was released from the hospital, she said she started drinking again.

She began using heroin.

Her mother, a nurse, said she tried to get her mother to get help for Kristina’s bipolar disorder, but she wouldn’t.

Kristinah says that after her mother died, she began using drugs again, and that she was addicted to heroin.

Kristiah’s mother, who was also in the club, found out about Kristiah being in the hospital and called the police.

When she got home, Kristi was there.

Kristia told police that she and her friend got into an argument over who would be taking care of her mother.

Kristy and her friends told police they were going to take her to a friend’s house.

Kristys mom called police and told them Kristy and two of her friends had gotten into an altercation and Kristi had gotten in the car.

The police told Kristy to get out of the car and call 911.

Kristyna and her mother were at the hospital on July 8.

Kristinas mother said that the police told her to go get Kristi from the car, and she drove Kristi to a home on the other side of the road.

Kristins father told police he had a blood alcohol content of 0.18 percent when he arrived at the scene, which is higher than the legal limit.

Kristinah told police she was going to a club with her friend.

Police did not arrest Kristynas friend.

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