How to build your own cryptonight account, and get started on the journey to cryptocurrency supremacy

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a crypto-account, then here are some of the best ways to do so.You can also follow along with our guide on how to use crypto-coins for your crypto-investment, and see what the pros are saying about them in our roundup of top crypto-assets.But before we get to that, […]

When will the NHL get back to the free-agency period?

By James McWilliams | Staff WriterThe NHL has begun negotiating with a number of clubs in the wake of the free agency period, which ends on June 12.With the season set to kick off on Friday, June 13, the league is still in a difficult spot because it can’t just give players what they […]

Which counsellors can I get help with?

I want to know which counsellor can help me in my life?If you’re struggling to understand how your relationship is changing, how your life is progressing, or what you need to do to help yourself, then you need a counsellorship.These specialist counsellorthe counselling courses,couples therapy and psychotherapy sessions are available from a wide range of […]

FourFour Two: FourFour 2.0: A new generation of counselling courses

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 26 June 2018 Birmingham, United States, 28 June 2018: FourFourTwo is a podcast about counselling and family, dating, dating apps and all things dating.Each week we’ll bring you a new podcast with a different topic, and you’ll get to hear the best in our community of podcast hosts and guests.Listeners who subscribe […]

How to teach counselling and therapy courses at Christian University

There’s a new Christian University in the UK with a focus on education, but that doesn’t mean the university has changed.In fact, it’s got a different focus.Christian University has two courses on its curriculum: an introductory counselling course and a counselling therapy course.The first one is taught by a counsellor, and it’s for students who […]

What you need to know about depression and suicide prevention in the UK

On this day in 2017, Britain has a new leader in the battle against mental health, Jeremy Corbyn, the first openly gay Labour MP.For a country in transition, his arrival represents a major boost for people with mental health issues, especially those who struggle with anxiety, depression and other forms of post-traumatic stress disorder.A British […]

How to tell if you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol

It’s a question that’s been a big concern of many Canadians: how to tell whether or not you’re on drugs or alcohol.The Canadian Association of Addiction Professionals says it has received more than 100 calls and emails from people who have tried to help themselves to prescription drugs or drinks, including Vicodin, cocaine and heroin.The […]

When can I call Lifeline to talk about suicide?

Lifeline Ireland has a 24-hour helpline, which can be accessed by dialing 0800 123 790.The helpliner is free to call.Call 1800 020 7072.If you or someone you know needs help, contact Samaritans: 0800 726 666.If the person you are speaking to is experiencing suicidal thoughts or attempts to kill themselves, call the Samaritans Crisis Line: […]

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