Australian Centre for Counselling Education to expand, expand program to all Australian universities

The University of Canberra has launched a new counselling program aimed at increasing its access to accredited counselling, which it said would help people with mental health issues.The program, which will be available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University of Adelaide, is one of several new initiatives the university is undertaking to […]

What to expect when you have an ‘unusual’ visit to your church

What do you expect when visiting your church? What you’ll find when you visit your church:  The spiritual counselor who will help you learn about your faith. The person who is there to share your story and to make sure that you have a clear picture of who you are. What your pastor will say and what they will do during the visit. How long they expect to […]

Teenage Therapist Finds Her ‘Unbelievable’ Job, Says She’s ‘Fully Prepared’

The job market for a therapist is hard.It’s a job that requires some of the hardest-working, most committed people in the world to get through it.For some, it’s even harder to get a foot in the door, let alone a good job.Theresa Pankhurst, a 24-year-old Australian student, found her first job with the Royal College […]

The truth about mental health: How mental health counsellors are helping people, in this exclusive interview

The truth is, there’s not a lot of information out there about how to help someone with mental illness get through their crisis.That’s a reality that’s borne out by the latest research from the National Institute of Mental Health and a study from The Conversation.It’s not uncommon for the stigma around mental health to persist, […]

How to spot a liar in a job interview

In the job interview, the recruiter will ask you about your resume, your background, your past experience and your current position.This could be a good thing or a bad thing.The truth is, most people who apply for a job do not have all the answers, especially if they have no previous experience in the field.They […]

Why the Bible counselling course is so important

Bibles are a great tool for children, as are Bible courses in general, said Susan L. Schaffner, a psychologist and professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.They’re so popular, in fact, that there are more than 400 Bibles in the U.S. alone, said Schaffners husband, Daniel.So how do we teach them?She said we can […]

How to manage your financial stress with the nhs counsellor courses

The nhs has launched a range of courses aimed at managing stress related to financial issues, which will be delivered in partnership with NHS London.The courses are designed to help patients manage their stress and anxiety, according to a spokesperson.The courses will be available from April through November.They include the following:• Nuffield and Newington College […]

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