How to help people who have been traumatised by sexual assault

A group of women and children who have struggled with sexual assault have been given an emotional boost by speaking out on Facebook.The women and girls, who are part of the group ‘Survivors of Sexual Assault’, said they had been left with no one to talk to and were only told to take their time […]

Catholic Church says it wants to see more autism courses in Catholic hospitals

Posted August 01, 2019 17:01:47 A Catholic church in western Australia wants to find a way to teach more autism counselling and rehabilitation courses in hospitals, while also helping families with children with autism.The Sisters of Mercy Health Services has a new Autism Service Provider (ASP) in every hospital in Western Australia, providing a range […]

What you need to know about a new ’emergency’ mental health clinic in Victoria

Victoria has announced it will open a new mental health facility that will be staffed by the same team who operated the first one in Sydney in 2013.It will be run by a company called Mindfulness Health, which has been working to improve mental health care in the country.Mindfulness will also be providing counselling to […]

Why does your church care?

With a focus on the importance of counselling, this article will look at the issue of how we can teach the gospel to those who are not in the position to receive it.What is the gospel?Why do we believe in it?How does it relate to the other teachings of the gospel that we share?In short, […]

Which are the most effective counselling courses?

A range of different counselling courses can help you improve your mental health and help you find the help you need to be able to manage your life.Some are targeted at people with a range of mental health issues, and some are aimed at people who are living with serious health conditions such as heart […]

How to use Google’s search engine to find counselling services in Melbourne

Searching for counselling services can be an overwhelming experience.You can spend hours trying to find a counselling service in your area, or even hundreds of hours trying different ones to find the right one.There are thousands of services available online, and you can search the web to find information and advice.But the main thing you […]

How to avoid a repeat of the ‘peer-to-peer’ scams

In a world where online forums and social media have made it easier for strangers to interact without being recognized as real people, a new scam that’s taking advantage of this trust has become particularly lucrative.“People just want to be loved and accepted and to feel like they are loved and respected, even if they […]

How to Get Over a Panic Attack

A week after he first told his family he had a panic attack, Justin Trudeau’s family was left stunned and devastated by the news.Trudeau was in Toronto for the first time in over a month and had just returned from the United Kingdom.They’d been looking forward to welcoming him back after being told by the […]

How to find a counsellor from the internet

Online counsellors are coming of age, but some aren’t quite ready for prime time.There are no shortage of qualified individuals out there, and you can’t ignore the growing number of people looking for the help they need.The internet is an easy place to get help, but it’s also a risky place to find it.With the […]

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