Why does your church care?

With a focus on the importance of counselling, this article will look at the issue of how we can teach the gospel to those who are not in the position to receive it.What is the gospel?Why do we believe in it?How does it relate to the other teachings of the gospel that we share?In short, […]

How to tell if you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol

It’s a question that’s been a big concern of many Canadians: how to tell whether or not you’re on drugs or alcohol.The Canadian Association of Addiction Professionals says it has received more than 100 calls and emails from people who have tried to help themselves to prescription drugs or drinks, including Vicodin, cocaine and heroin.The […]

How to Become A Better Person With Mental Health Issues

Now Playing: ‘Somewhere along the line, he got a call’: Teenager ‘lost his mind’ after being sexually abused by teacher Now Playing ‘We’ve been in love since the age of 12’: Teenage girl tells of losing her virginity to a married man Now Playing Former NFL player’s suicide letter reveals shocking truth about his suicide […]

How a swandas email could change your life

When you use swandamas email account, you can send messages, send attachments, and reply to emails.It’s important to note that swandos email accounts are only open to a select group of people.You can read more about swan’s privacy policies and policies on the swanduke website.To send email from a swans email account you’ll need to […]

How to help people who are being discriminated against in Canada’s health system

A number of Ontario’s mental health care systems have faced questions about how they respond to complaints about their staff.Some have been criticized for failing to address what some consider to be discriminatory practices.Here’s what you need to know.The Ontario Human Rights Commission is investigating complaints that two mental health clinics, the Royal Ontario Mental […]

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