Teenage Therapist Finds Her ‘Unbelievable’ Job, Says She’s ‘Fully Prepared’

The job market for a therapist is hard.It’s a job that requires some of the hardest-working, most committed people in the world to get through it.For some, it’s even harder to get a foot in the door, let alone a good job.Theresa Pankhurst, a 24-year-old Australian student, found her first job with the Royal College […]

How to deal with stress at home with mindfulness meditation

If you’ve ever been stuck in a bind or worried about your home life, now is the time to turn to a highly effective therapy.The Therapist’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation offers a guided meditation practice, guided meditation classes and mindfulness counselling courses to help you understand the effects of your own stress on your health.This […]

When You’re Feeling Frustrated With Your Lifestyle, Here’s How To Find A New Way To Love Your Life

In a year in which the US stock market has plummeted and the world is still in the midst of an economic crisis, the news that people in the UK have been struggling to find work is not particularly surprising. However, in 2017, the British government announced that it had cut its unemployment benefit to its […]

‘There’s nothing to be scared of, just worry’

LONDON – A Football Italy correspondent reports from a football match on Friday (AEDT), which saw Italy beat Greece 3-0 at the Parc des Princes in Paris.Here are the key takeaways from the match.1.Can Italy win it all?The result means that the two top-ranked teams in the world have lost out on the final place […]

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