When will the NHL get back to the free-agency period?

By James McWilliams | NHL.com Staff WriterThe NHL has begun negotiating with a number of clubs in the wake of the free agency period, which ends on June 12.With the season set to kick off on Friday, June 13, the league is still in a difficult spot because it can’t just give players what they […]

What you need to know about depression and suicide prevention in the UK

On this day in 2017, Britain has a new leader in the battle against mental health, Jeremy Corbyn, the first openly gay Labour MP.For a country in transition, his arrival represents a major boost for people with mental health issues, especially those who struggle with anxiety, depression and other forms of post-traumatic stress disorder.A British […]

How to get a job in tech, with advice from a former employer

How to Get a Job in Tech, with Advice from a Former Employer is a new podcast for TechCrunch subscribers and is dedicated to helping tech workers find jobs that match their skills and interests.The podcast has been produced by Adam Lai and Adam C. Scott, two former employees of Apple.They’ve also written a book, […]

Why you should be looking at clinical counselling in 2018

A few years ago, I was working with a young man with borderline personality disorder, who had a life-threatening bout with cancer a few years before.He would often fall into a deep depression and feel like he couldn’t get any help.It was a common complaint, and I knew that his GP had no idea how […]

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